Monday, June 30, 2003

Tropical Storm Bill & Some Bird Sightings

Another day, another deluge. This afternoon Tropical Storm Bill made landfall on the Louisiana Coast, putting Southeast Texas on the periphery of its path of (apparently mild) destruction. It rained. Stormy weather seems to produce interesting bird sightings, and today was a case in point. First I noticed a White-eyed Vireo singing incessantly along the driveway (possibly a relative of the juvenile bird seen in the front yard earlier today?), and then I heard a Wood Thrush singing from the direction of the pond. I managed to sneak up on the thrush and get a couple of briefs looks before it disappeared into the foliage.

Other moments of zen...the Green Heron that flushed as I approached the pond; a Ground Skink glimpsed as it slithered away into the leaf litter; Chimney Swifts twittering overhead at evening.


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