Friday, September 03, 2004

Vehicular Misadventures; Psychobilly Freakout

I'm writing this blog entry this morning at Troy's house in Spring, because that's where I am.

Yesterday afternoon Troy and Elizabeth were gonna come over from Houston to see the Reverend Horton Heat with me at Antone's in Beaumont (first show they've ever done there). En route, somewhere on I-10 west of Winnie, some nasty object put a big hole in their radiator, and their car started spewing transmission fluid all over the highway. I got the call and went to pick them up.

Thank goodness I had finally succumbed to all the persuasive arguments and gotten a cell phone. In this situation it was a big help. There was some confusion over where they were taking their car (which was seriously stressful, since they had to keep stopping to pour expensive fluid into their car so that it would have something to spray out onto the highway), but after we passed each other twice I finally joined them at Winnie, and after pouring more fluid into their car they limped into the Ford dealership there.

From there I took them back to my place in Lumberton via Port Arthur (because I stupidly got onto the wrong highway at Winnie). By then it was getting late. We were all starving, so we went straight away to downtown Beaumont's puny "Entertainment District" - a single block of clubs and bars on Crockett Street. Ate dinner and killed time at the Spindletop Restaurant before going to the show, which was great. Nice to see a hot band in a small venue with a pumped-up audience. They played new material, also most of their crowd pleasers. When The Reverend sang about his "fucked-up Ford" it held a special meaning for Troy & Elizabeth. We managed to get right up next to the stage, close enough to shake hands with Jimbo as he was leaving. I was particularly well positioned, with a hot chick shaking it right in front of me through most of the show - next best thing to a free lap dance.

Then the hard part came. Elizabeth had to be at work this morning, and their car was still at the dealership in Winnie, so after a very brief stop at my house in Lumberton, and tired from a very long day (and night), we started the long drive back to Houston, arriving there around 3:30am. Sometime later today I'll be taking Troy back to Winnie, where hopefully their car will have been repaired.


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