Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Deja Vu All Over Again

Hurricane Rita has been pounding the Florida Keys all day, and is now spiraling into the gulf where it is expected to pick up energy and intensify. Present predictions are that it will continue moving in a westerly direction, which puts it on a probable collision course with Texas.

Of course nobody yet knows where it's gonna make landfall, but in the aftermath of Katrina people are edgy about this sort of thing, and it's already causing some anxiety. It may be a bit premature, but I've heard that a voluntary evacuation is already underway in Galveston. Who knows - a week from now we may all be refugees.

Michelle's family have returned to their storm-ravaged homes near New Orleans. Michelle's brother, Dale, told her that next time there is a hurricane evacuation he and his family will catch a flight to somewhere else and make a vacation of it. That struck me as a sensible plan. In the event of a hurricane landing here Michelle and I would have to stay long enough aid in the evacuation of her patients (who will not be neglected or abandoned, as was deplorably the case with some of the nursing home residents in Louisiana during Katrina). I'll assist of course.

Fortunately my home is far enough inland that it wouldn't be threatened by storm surge. Torrential rainstorms have deluged this area in the past, and will again, but my house is on relatively high ground and has never flooded (at least not within the memory of people living nearby). Some of my neighbor's haven't been so lucky. There are houses in my neighborhood that are lower lying and closer to the bayou, where rising flood waters would put them in serious jeopardy. As far as my property is concerned, I'm more worried about the potential danger posed by hurricane-force winds.

My house is surrounded by tall trees. If one was to fall it could cause some severe damage. A heavy limb recently fell, taking down a section of my fence. A larger branch or tree trunk could smash right through the roof, and I wouldn't want to be in the house when that happens. But then I don't plan on being here long after the evacuation orders are given.

Today Michelle had me call my insurer and buy flood insurance. The change to my homeowner's policy won't become effective for thirty days, so it doesn't give us any protection from this storm should it land here. I really don't think the house is likely to flood anyway, but for peace of mind it's worth the additional expense. And even if the coming storm passes us by, hurricane season isn't over yet...


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