Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Herp!

Today as I was leaving for work I found this baby Speckled Kingsnake on our front porch. A very pretty little serpent. Note the coin in the lower left for size comparison.

Michelle asked me if it was venomous. No, it's not. Then she asked me why I didn't catch it, since it wasn't dangerous. Because I'm not the friggin' Crocodile Hunter, that's why! I've never understood the compulsion to grab and manhandle innocent reptiles. I prefer to enjoy them at a respectful distance. Also because it might bite. Just because it's non-venomous doesn't mean I'm eager to have its tiny needle-like teeth imbedded in my skin.

Speaking of snakebites, I recently saw a TV program that featured a dramatization of a near-deadly snakebite that occurred in California. Seems these two jackasses were driving in the mountains when they noticed a rattlesnake stretched out on the road. They stopped for a closer look, and not content with viewing from a safe distance, one of them reached out and grabbed it. Of course he was promptly bitten. Savagely bitten, in fact. There is a point where stupid and suicidal become indistinguishable, and this clown found it. It took mega-doses of anti-venom, but death was narrowly averted. Had he not survived he would have made a sterling candidate for the Darwin Awards.

I've been living in my beloved hovel in the swamp for almost four years now (amazing...has it really been that long?) and yet I'm still finding new critters here. Biodiversity is a wonderful thing. The addition of Speckled Kingsnake brings to 18 the number of reptile/amphibian species I've found on the property.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger Jace Stansbury said...


Nice to see another nature blog from Southeast Texas. I have a blog also- naturejournals.blogspot.com

I live in Nederland, but have a small camp in Warren near the Big Thicket. I spend quite a bit of time there where I get most of my blog material. I also bird along the coast (Sabine Woods, High Island, Bolivar Peninsula, etc.) Really enjoyed reading your stuff. Nice Kingsnake!


At 1:32 AM, Blogger Q said...

Great snake!
I love bird watching too.
Nice to have found your blog.


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