Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stunning Revelations and Shocking Photos

Sorry, the title of this entry is a complete lie. I have no news and the pictures are mildly interesting at best. Tuesday I worked and came home and napped and did some gardening and played with the dog and watched a couple of programs on child developement with Michelle. Now it's after midnight and I should be in bed. What's all this got to do with birding? Nothing.

Michelle's rampant belly expansion continues as her pregnancy progresses inexorably toward the launching of babies Bryce and Lucy. The stork (Wood, I presume) is scheduled to arrive on June 15th. That is unless the twins are impatient and decide to make it sooner.

Monday night we had dinner at the Olive Garden in Beaumont. As we made our way to our table we passed a family of local idiots who exclaimed "oh my God" as we walked by, and stared at Michelle slack-jawed as if they had never seen a pregnant woman before. It made her uncomfortable, and I don't think we'll be dining out again until after the babies are born (and probably not even then...maybe in another decade or two). Unfortunately I'm sure the same f**king 'tards will be seated next to us...

Below are a couple of photos from a recent trip to Houston. The first is further evidence that we live in a post-literate society. Gangsta could use a spellchecka!At a theater in The Woodlands I got to meet some celebrities who were in town to promote their new movie -Now back to the birds. Check out these cool video clips of a Swainson's Warbler found in San Antonio on May 6th (the location is only two miles from the Alamo!). In the clips you can see some typical foraging behavior. This is one of my favorite birds - I have a soft spot for the drab little skulkers. Swainson's Warbler is an uncommon breeder here in Southeast Texas, where it likes swampy bottomland forests. In Central Texas, where this video was made, it is quite rare.


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