Monday, September 08, 2003

More Pests, Human & Otherwise

The pestilence at work continues unabated. Today it was bees. In the afternoon we had a veritable swarm around the garbage cans at the front of the store. Fortunately a can of Raid got rid of them. Of course we are still contending with the cricket/beetle/love bug plague, and when it isn't bugs, it's shoplifters. Today we caught a couple of misguided local youths trying to steal merchandise. We showed no mercy and turned them over to the police (stupid thieving punks...I guess they didn't notice the police station right across the street!). As entertaining as this little episode was, it wasn't the end of our fun. Later I got to call the police again when another shoplifter was seen leaving the store with unpurchased merchandise. This one escaped with his ill-gotten gains.


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