Friday, September 23, 2005

Shepard Smith Loses Hat

I've been watching Fox News here at the shelter. Shepard Smith is in Beaumont tonight. He has been standing in the rain and wind, demonstrating just how very rainy and windy it is there. He has certainly lost one, and possibly two, baseball caps while doing his broadcast. The question is, will he attempt to don a third hat if the second is lost. His mascara is all but gone. This has certainly become a very serious storm.

As I write this one of the patients lying on a mattress in front of me is having a medical emergency. He is being assisted by a woman from the Texas State Guard and several volunteers. The lights are being lowered so that the evacuees can get to sleep. Looking around I see a lot of exhausted and restless people. Those that aren't bedding down are busy providing aid or hunkered around the television.

The storm is approaching that is awfully close to home. It's lights out now.


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