Monday, December 04, 2006

Bollywood Goes Birding

And now for something completely different...

Came across this little movie clip while reading Martin Collinson's blog. Here's another one by Menzie. The references are British. And because too much of a good thing isn't enough, I made a couple myself. The first is dripping with intrigue (or something like that), and the second is a bit more melodramatic. Now go and make your own movie - I double dare you!

Temperatures have dropped into the low 30s tonight. That's cold by local standards (there are really only two seasons here - summer and December). Winters are generally mild in Southeast Texas, and most plants are hardy enough to survive these frosty nights. Some will appear to die and go dormant for a few months. Warmer weather will eventually produce new growth, but it still makes me sad to see our tropical vegetation turn brown and whither.

When it comes to identification problems, female/immature male hummingbirds remain my nemesis. In recent days we've had two visiting our feeders intermittently. One is a Selasphorus type (probably Rufous), and the other is an Archilochus type (probably a female Ruby-throated, but this one will require further study).


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