Monday, January 28, 2008

No Birds

No birds today. No birds over the weekend either. Being of a scientific mindset I consulted the magic eight ball, according to which the likelihood of any birds in the near future is very doubtful. Birds tomorrow? My sources say no. Wednesday? Don't count on it. Thursday? Outlook not so good. Friday? Ask again later. Big plans have been made for next weekend, so I'm assuming no birds then. Might as well hang up the bins, they'll just get dusty lying around.

Today an elderly gentleman who was trying to get to I-10 drove into our parking lot, crossed the railroad tracks into Riverfront Park, followed the footpath along the river, took his car down a short flight of stairs, managed to squeeze it through the narrow pedestrian underpass, and ended his journey of discovery in the little courtyard directly below our building - boldly parking where no man has ever parked before. The police were able to remove his car. As you may have guessed our building is nowhere near I-10.


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