Monday, March 31, 2008

More Dog Troubles

I had a few hours for birding on Sunday and made the usual trip to Anahuac NWR and High Island. There was a strong south wind and very little evidence of migration. Ran into Cin-ty Lee birding with a friend at the Boy Scout Woods, which was absolutely dead. From there we went to Smith Oaks, which was a little better, but not much. Added only a few species to the year list today - Redhead and Eastern Kingbird at Anahuac NWR, Red-eyed Vireo, White-eyed Vireo, Summer Tanager, and Orchard Oriole at High Island.

Came home and when I reached our gate I was surprised to find a pit bull in our front yard. Shut the gate trapping the dog inside, and entered the house from the back. Michelle was as upset as I by the presence of the dog, and had called the sheriff.

Shortly before the sheriff arrived I looked out to see Mr. White Trash from down the road opening our gate and nonchalantly walking away with his dog. I confronted him in our driveway and made it clear to him that we didn't want his f**k**g pit bull on our property, and told him next time it entered our yard it would be shot. Naturally this lowlife threatened to do the same to me.

There is no leash law in this county, so irresponsible dog owners allow their pets to run loose and be a nuisance. The situation is totally out of control. A couple of our neighbors have already been bitten, and if you want to walk neighborhood streets you had better carry a hefty stick for protection. Stray dogs have approached me aggressively in my own yard and driveway. Recently I ran over a dog with my car only a block from our home. At the time I was driving slowly because I was already aware of a child with an off-leash dog in the road, but even at a low rate of speed I didn't have time to break when the dog darted in front of my car. Fortunately he appeared to be uninjured, but he could have been killed. Ironically I was returning with our dog from his obedience class when this occurred.


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