Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kids Gone Wild at Sabine Woods

Took the kids to Sabine Woods on Sunday.  I was worried that it would be buggy, because Sabine Woods is one of the buggiest places on earth, but it's early in the season and there was nary a mosquito to swat. May not have been buggy, but it certainly was birdy.  Saw a fly-away Solitary Sandpiper and 9 species of warblers, which is pretty good for March, and even better considering that I was keeping an eye on two mischievious children. Have to watch them like a hawk. They actually had a good time, and here is the photographic evidence:
Bryce is at that stage where he's lost his upper baby teeth and is still waiting on replacements. Lucy actually took an interest in the birds, but it was definitely playtime. Hopefully their antics didn't bother the other birders there too much. Here is the obligatory bird photo:
Got several "at least you can tell what it is" quality photos of this Northern Parula, which was serendipitous, because I'm presently working on a painting of one in a cypress swamp setting. If it comes out well I'll post it to the blog when it's done.


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