Saturday, May 01, 2004

Darkness At Midday

Geez...I awoke late to the sound of thunder. It's after 11am, but outside it looks like nightfall...

Yesterday was my birthday. In the evening I got together with Hillary and some of her friends to celebrate...we had dinner at Olive Garden and then went to Rao's for dessert. Nice. Then it started with the wind and rain and thundering and lightning flashes, and it's continued with brief intermissions to the present moment. I like these stormy days, they are good for getting up late, staying indoors, and writing blog entries. I'm in pajamas and the cannons are still blasting outside. That last one was a loud one!

Note of interest: here in Southeast Texas - and I'm guessing this is true of the south in general - religion plays a much larger role in people's lives than it did back in California. Most of the people I meet here seem to be active in their churches. Last night Hillary's stepbrother told us all about an evangelist's vision of hell, and everyone at the table responded with serious interest. No skepticism, no derisive comments. Coming from California this was a revelation in itself.

Yesterday there were 3 or 4 Great Crested Flycatchers bickering in the trees along my driveway, an American Redstart visited the birdbath, and a Belted kingfisher rattled hello to me as it flew over the backyard. Something's always happening here.


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