Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Afternoon Update To This Morning's Extraordinarily Long Blog Entry

Just an update to my earlier blog entry...there's always something happening here...

After lunch this afternoon I went down to the pond to study dragonflies. Most were Blue Dashers, but I saw at least one Black Saddlebags and a few Common Whitetails (a large dragonfly with a fat white abdomen and broad black bands across its wings...the pattern and size makes them sort of conspicuous). While I was walking along the edge of the pond I suddenly noticed a shorebird at the water's edge ahead of me - a Solitary Sandpiper! Apropo of its name, it was alone. It flew back and forth across the pond a few times before settling down so I could view it thru my scope. This is the first shorebird for my backyard list, and not unexpected, since it is the species most likely to be found in a wooded area.

Not much else to report, except that American Goldfinches are still visiting my feeders and I again saw a Wood Thrush singing along the driveway this afternoon.


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