Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Summer Tanager at the Drip, No More Hurricanes Please!

Just looked out the window behind me and saw a male Summer Tanager enjoying the birdbath with its new drip.

Finally burned the last of the big logs that were piled in the backyard, remnants of pines and cedars that uprooted during the hurricane. Noticed the neighbors are also burning debris today. I've filled the troughs and holes in our lawn made by heavy equipment and fallen trees, and it looks like we might get our fences repaired soon. A guy from Allstate was here yesterday, and asked if we were ready for the next hurricane. Yes, we're ready ...ready to leave Southeast Texas if we get another devastating storm this year. I've heard others express the same sentiments. We know that there will be hurricanes in the future, but we aren't prepared to deal with the the hard work and stress of cleanup and rebuilding a second time - not when we are still recovering from Rita. Hopefully it will be a long time before another hurricane lands here.


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