Saturday, September 08, 2007

Babies in the Blog

Michelle has demanded that I post more baby pictures. She is quite adamant. So to appease my beloved shrew I have posted a few pictures of our little darlings, Bryce and Lucy (or as we affectionately call her, Lucyfer - if you were to see her go into one of her screaming meltdowns you would understand how she got that little nickname). Here is one of our methods for enforcing quiet in our home.And here you can see why restraints are sometimes required.Michelle is hovering nearby, and wants me to make it clear that we are not abusing our children. We've simply learned some helpful strategies (such as swaddling) for calming them down and keeping them from abusing us. Better this than locking them in a closet. Not that we would ever do that...I think.

Today, while waiting in line at the Taco Bell drive-thru in Lumberton, I observed a rattus of indeterminate species brazenly prowling the edge of the parking lot. This would be normal behavior for a squirrel, but it's unusual to see a rat foraging in the open at midday. Later, while rocking Lucy in our living room, I looked out our front window in time to see a Broad-winged Hawk drop on some unfortunate little creature and fly off, the victim clutched in its talons. Broad-winged Hawks have been a conspicuous presence in our neighborhood lately, and when I'm outside I frequently hear them whistling to each other. No doubt the squirrels are nervous.

One more obligatory baby picture. Damn they're cute.


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