Saturday, March 05, 2011


We are finally getting some substantial rain this morning, and thank goodness. Freezing weather followed by drought conditions is not good for the garden. I expect most of our tropical foliage will recover with adequate watering, but at the moment most of our less hardy plants are withered and leafless and not so pretty at all.

I don't have much bird news. A couple of Purple Martins seen from our yard on 2/20 and a Northern Parula at Claiborne West Park on 2/26 were a bit early, but probably not unusually so. Nowadays whenever birds return ahead of schedule you can expect some mention of global warming. Maybe. But before drawing conclusions I think it's important to remember that within populations of migratory birds there are (and have always been) a few that show up early, just as there are others that arrive fashionably late. This is normal, and while climate change could be involved in specific instances, I don't think we should assume it is.

Charlie Sheen has been in the news a lot lately, which brings to mind certain song lyrics...

"Albert Einstein was a ladies' man
While he was working on his universal plan
He was making out like Charlie Sheen
He was a genius"

Genius, Warren Zevon

So, from that verse can I infer that Warren also considered Charlie to be a genius?


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