Sunday, November 09, 2003

Six Days Off!

First, the big news. I'm working in Port Arthur, about 30 minutes from home. This is good news. I'm working all graveyard shifts, which is also good news. And my new work schedule will be eight days on, six days off. This is the best news. It means I put in some long hours, but then I'll have a lot more free time. Yee-haw!

The weather has definitely turned cool, time to turn on the heater and get out the jackets and long sleeves. The last couple of days have been dismally overcast, but no rain. Leaves are falling fast and it actually feels like autumn. Neotropical migrants have departed, and no hummingbirds are at my feeder. I recently added Sharp-shinned Hawk to my yard list - one had my neighbor's bird feeders staked out. Yellow-rumped Warblers have finally returned, but generally the bird world is pretty quiet these days. Carolina Wrens still sing occasionally, and every now and then I see the vultures and crows circling.

Interesting bits and pieces...coming off a graveyard shift I went into the Dairy Queen in Lumberton (the girls that work there are cute, and I guess the food's OK). Molly - who I knew from the Walgreens in Lumberton - was in there eating lunch. She came over to my table and tried to save my soul. I told her that was very sweet of her (it's been a long time since anyone offerred me salvation). She invited me to come to her church on Sunday, and made it sound more like a rave than a church service. Apparently it's one of those Pentacostal deals, you gotta enjoy singing I guess. I explained to her that I was a pray-alone-type-guy, not into the crowd scene. I'm afraid I disappointed her. Alas, another lost sheep.

Went to Bennigan's last night...too much beer on an empty stomach, couldn't concentrate on the trivia game and didn't even try. It's like Cheers there, everybody knows your name...and also what you want to drink before you even ask. Shauna, my favorite bartender, told me she's leaving, gonna work at a steakhouse in Port Neches from now on.

That's all for now. I'm enjoying my first six days off, and don't start working again until Tuesday night.


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