Thursday, May 06, 2004

Sabine Woods Was Not The Place To Be On Wednesday

Yesterday I made a quick trip to Sabine Woods, hoping to catch a wave of late migration. Well it was more of a drip than a wave. Disappointed!

A Bay-breasted Warbler, a Tennessee Warbler, an Ovenbird, and a Northern Waterthrush were the only parulid migrants seen. Not that the woods were completely birdless, but variety was definitely lacking. There were catbirds, and catbirds, and more catbirds. Walking through the woods I kept spooking thrushes...and every time I got a look at one, it turned out to be a Swainson's. There were one or two Red-eyed Vireos, a couple of Scarlet Tanagers, a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Not exactly a big fallout. Had lunch at Sonic on the way home, so it wasn't a total bust.


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