Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weekend Birding

I had the weekend off. Originally I had requested to have the weekend off so I could attend a meeting for participants in a Texas Ivory-bill search organized by the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory (not that I think that any are likely to be found, but hope springs eternal). On Friday I found out the meeting had been postponed, so Michelle and I went to High Island instead.

There were plenty of birders at the Boy Scout Woods, but not so many birds. Near the "review stand" we saw a few catbirds, tanagers, and orioles. A plant sale was going on and we bought more Abutilon (also known as "flowering maple") for our yard. The birding was better at Smith Oaks. Near the picnic tables by the parking area we saw a Palm Warbler, which is a bit unusual (first time I've seen one in Texas). At the rookery we observed big alligators and nesting Great Egrets. Some of the egret nests contained eggs and baby birds.After that we walked trails through the woods looking for passerine migrants, the best of which was a Golden-winged Warbler (we missed a Black-billed Cuckoo observed earlier and a Black-whiskered Vireo found later in the day). Michelle is developing good birding skills, and her sharp eyes spotted many of the birds we saw.

Male Summer Tanager at Smith Oaks.Not much change here at home. I continue to see Summer Tanagers and Orchard Orioles around our yard, and a Gray Catbird was singing along the driveway on Monday.


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