Monday, May 15, 2006

Duck & Barred Owl

Been kinda stormy off and on here in the swamp. I like these Texas thunderstorms. They're much more entertaining and atmospheric than those cold drizzly winter storms back in California. And most of the time they are brief events - there's the booming and the lightshow and the sudden downpour and then it's all over.

A storm rolled through Lumberton on Sunday while I was at work. The rain stopped and I got home early enough to do some birding. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and a male Orchard Oriole were at the feeders by the kitchen window. While walking around the yard I saw a duck fly over - probably a Wood Duck, based upon its small size and rapid wingbeats. Went by too fast for me to get a positive I.D. (which is particularly frustrating because I have no ducks for my yard list!). Later Michelle and I saw a Barred Owl being abused by a mockingbird in our front yard. It was still there - and still under attack by the mockingbird - when we finally went back inside at dusk.


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