Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Move Along, Move Along, Nothing To See Here

There certainly wasn't much to see here today. I was hoping for some raptor migration, but only had one Red-shouldered Hawk and one Broad-winged Hawk, neither of which appeared to be on their way to anywhere else. This evening I wasted more time searching the sky over our backyard without seeing a single bird. Now that's not easy to do - seeing absolutely nothing takes special skill. Finally gave up when I got tired of being bitten by gnats and mosquitoes. Heard a few Summer Tanagers calling at dusk.

I've taken more photos of bugs and flowers - further proof of how dull the birding has become.This orb weaver has caught some "love bugs" in its web. Love bugs, like fire ants, are exotic pests that originated in South America. They don't bite, but their annual mating flights are a major nuisance. Some years are worse than others (this one being a prime example). They fly around aimlessly, bumping into people and things. Our car windshields are coated with their splattered corpses. Because they feed on nectar they are attracted to hummingbird feeders, which they crawl inside and clog.This is a view of our front yard, complete with feeders, birdbath, and flowering plants for the hummingbirds.

A cold front is expected to arrive tomorrow, and with it we might get some birds. John Arvin reported to the TEXBIRDS mailing list this evening that NEXRAD indicates a strong push of migrants occurring, the first such event this season. Rain is predicted, and it's likely that some migrants will be grounded. I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, but I'm tempted to make an early run for the coast...


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