Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Milestone!

Yet another milestone has been reached. We've started spoon-feeding the twins. As you can see they haven't fully mastered the technique, but we'll call it a milestone nonetheless. How fast they grow up. Only yesterday they were infants sucking on bottles. Of course they are still infants sucking on bottles, but back then the future seemed so very far away. Thoughts of spoons and jars of baby food were the furthest thing from my mind. Now everything has changed. Soon they will be walking, going to school, and asking to borrow the car. Brings a tiny tear to the eye.

We were in Mandeville, LA, over the weekend. Took the twins to have them christened in the church where Michelle and I were married. They are offical Episcopalians now. All the Navalances were there, and we ate a lot of good food (Michelle's brother Devon made the best crawfish etouffee ever). Got to see my sister-in-law Barbara's new baby (Carson, very cute) for the first time. With all the kids there it was like Babyfest 2007.

Yesterday I had a Yellow-throated Vireo in the fruiting magnolias along the edge of our backyard. Neotropical migrants have been sparse here - just a few Red-eyed Vireos and a Northern Parula last week. Winter birds have yet to arrive, with the exception of an early Yellow-bellied Sapsucker that visited our yard on Oct. 3rd.


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