Thursday, September 13, 2007

Aftermath of Humberto

I must say, the older I get the more I believe in God. Not the loving savior who cares about our suffering and answers our prayers, I mean the angry old testament God, the impersonal bringer of destruction who f**ks with us just because he can.

As hurricanes go, Humberto was limp-wristed and a tad swishy - more of a climatic hissy fit than a catastrophe. Some of our plants were blown down, and there are a lot of fallen branches to clean up, but this time we didn't lose any trees and our home wasn't damaged. Of course, since Hurricane Rita we don't have as many trees to lose. Now that was a catastrophe.

Humberto is the first hurricane to make landfall on the U.S. since Hurricane Wilma hit Florida in 2005. Prior to Wilma the last hurricane to strike the U.S. was Rita. So two out of three of the most recent hurricanes to make landfall in the U.S. hit Southeast Texas. Such a gross violation of the law of averages should raise the odds against another hurricane landing here anytime soon...unless God just wants to f**k with us.


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